1. I have the title but the car is in different location can you still remove it?

Yes, we just need the owner with his/her ID present when the car is being removed.

2. What if I do not have the title?

The vehicle registration, old or new will serve as proof of ownership. In addition, a temporary registration will work

3. What if the car runs?

Our prices are based on the curb weight of the vehicle.

4. How do I get more money?

If the vehicle drives and you can drop it off we can usually pay $30 more.

5. How do I get paid?

We pay CASH on the spot.

6. Do you take cars that are damaged or missing parts?

Yes, we take cars in all types of conditions.

7. What if there are abandoned cars on my property?

Call the Police and get an abandoned vehicle report. You can also write a letter with your name and the property address of the Vehicle Identification Number and state you are releasing the cars to us for scrap.